Data Sheet

Working Tank / Imprägnierbehälter 2 pcs. Ø4 x 4m / Ø2,5 x 5,4m
Storage Tank / Vorratsbehälter 4 x 12.000 ltr
Heater-Chiller / Heizen-Kühlen 4 pcs. Chiller / 1 pc. Heater unit
Vacuum Pumpstation / Pumpstand 2x VUP → each with Roots 2000m³/h & 2 x Rotary Vane 300m³/h
Pressure details / Prozessdruck 0,1mbar ….7 bar p-abs.
Temperature details / Prozesstemperatur 0 C° ….70°C
Control design / Steuerung Fully automatic vertical
Approvals / Zulasssungen AD2000; Impregnation tanks TüV approved
Accessories/ Zubehör Compressor, air dryer; add. Vacuumpump
Miscellaneous / Sonstiges Possible to split the plant
Plantnumber / Maschinennummer D13013

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